Our goal is to educate individuals and families.

LiceCombing.com's goal is to educate individuals and families in Lice Combing as a viable, natural and safe alternative to get rid of head lice and their nits.

Head lice are often a cause of emotional anxiety, social stigmatization and embarrassment, and may turn into physical complications such as itching and potential scalp infections for people affected. Due to reported worldwide growing lice resistance to chemical remedies, a financial burden could be added when the expense of buying multiple treatments begin to add up.

Often known as a nuisance and not a disease (a controversial issue) to the medical community, head lice are an increasing concern for individuals and families who may go to the drugstore not knowing that they can remove lice at home without the use of a pesticide.

How? A properly spaced metal Head Lice Comb, some other easily obtainable optional tools to make combing easier, AND an education in how-to lice comb properly, clean a home after lice, and how to strive for a lice free environment with a maintenance plan in place.  Naturally, all methods and techniques should be discussed first with your medical health care expert before they are implemented.

LiceCombing.com teaches you all of the above so you can keep your family healthy and happy.

- Janice Naehu
My Super Auntie, Head Lice Removal Consultant & Educator


Janice Naehu, an expert in the field of head lice removal, is the author behind "Head Lice: The Science Behind the Itch," and is a former owner of a head lice removal service before transitioning over to consultant and educator. She has worked and conferred on hundreds of suspected head lice cases around the country with a 99% success rate.  Armed with science-based research and practical knowledge, Naehu aims to correct public misinformation and bring health care professionals and the community up to speed on the issue of head lice and treatments with her lectures. Naehu holds a degree in education and has guest lectured at Keck School of Medicine at USC, Kaiser Medical Center, numerous private and public companies and schools, as well as non-profits servicing children in need.

To schedule a head lice presentation for your organization, please use our contact page.   Fees vary.



Winn Claybaugh, Dean and Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools
Janice has a way of connecting with an audience on vital topics that most people want to avoid, and she does it with grace, humor, facts, and passion. What a gift! "
Rachel E., CEO, Foster Care Support Foundation
Attending one of (Janice’s) classes brought in tons of positive feedback from the foster parents that came. Most have offered their thanks and appreciation for the knowledge that completely surprised them. One foster parent said. ‘ I wondered what in the world she would talk about for two whole hours on Lice that we didn’t already know, but to my amazement, I found myself engulf in the information and amazed so that at the end of the two hours, we were still glued to our chairs listening and asking questions. I learned so much and have passed on the information to our foster parent association and caseworkers.’  Another one thanked FCSF for a most enjoyable and informational session. One man said he felt so much better now knowing what he could do with his foster children, since he’d been battling over and over again with Lice as his children came in and out of their biological visits. We appreciate all of the knowledge that we received to help us better understand the science behind the itch. Thank you so much for your generous donation of time and talent."
Stephen T., MD MPH FAAP, Chief of Service, Pediatrics
I found Janice Naehu's talk extremely useful.  Many of our methods to treat lice are slowly failing.  She seems to have found a reliable, common sense, and practical approach that is low tech and low cost."
Cynthia B., MD, Pediatrics
Janice Naehu delivers a great, science-based presentation the medical field will find very useful. She conveys the information in a clear and concise manner using demonstrations and video which provide an overview of the science of head lice as well as different treatments. Included are step-by-step lice combing techniques, a viable alternative to chemical shampoos and lotions. This seminar is filled with invaluable information not to be missed."
Ava H., Physician Assistant/Family Medicine
Janice Naehu gives an informative lecture regarding head lice with the emphasis on the proper and healthy way to eradicate the infestation. Her slide presentation and demonstration was very interesting and practical. This talk has certainly given me additional information to use in my practice and to educate my patients."
Diane S., MD, Pediatrics
Your presentation was very clear, informative and practical. Thank you so much."
Rene M., RN, Clinical Director Non-Profit
Janice is very well versed on the subject of lice and gives an informative lecture on chemical free eradication."
D.H., RN Private Client
I enjoyed Janice's presentation on head lice because I received information on a subject previously not encountered as a parent or in the 34 years working as a registered nurse in ophthalmology and surgical care. Now as a grandparent of young grandchildren who attend a school in which there are periodic outbreaks of head lice infestations, I feel confident in helping my daughter should the problem occur at home. Janice's excellent audio visual aids, discussion of the life cycle of lice and current treatments available, and her hands on demonstration of their removal in a non-toxic way, all helped me gain understanding on how to deal with lice rather than observe frozen in disgust and horror."
Heather M., PTA President
Over the past several years, our elementary school has had frequent outbreaks of lice. Parents were on their own to manage as best they could until we had "My Super Auntie" come and share her expertise with us. Her emphasis was on prevention and vigilance in addition to providing parents with 'facts' about lice instead of the myths that circulate every time there is an outbreak. Her information was clear and extremely valuable. In addition, Janice is very personable and creates a safe space to address an often uncomfortable issue. We are so grateful to include Janice as part of our parent education community!"
Jennie W., Mother's Club President
Janice Naehu (My Super Auntie) recently delivered a very informative, evidence-based and interesting presentation to a group of our parents at school. Her precise and specific tutorial were very valuable in debunking myths about head lice and her demonstration and advice about treating the problem were clear and very easy to follow. She presented solutions to a very common problem without advocating the use of chemical treatments. Janice was very knowledgeable about the subject and we all learned many facts and answers. Thank you Janice."


Laurie O., Mother of 5-year-old Emma
“I am very grateful for the practical, straight-forward information provided by LiceCombing.com.  Through the step-by-step videos, I feel I am much more educated about lice and how to eradicate them from both family members and our home.  LiceComing.com clearly lays out a proven, safe and effective *non-toxic* way of ridding one’s family of lice infestation, which could occur at any point in time.  Rather than wait for any notices from school, being armed with the information on this site helps reassure me that I will know what to do.  This brings me peace of mind as my 5-year old transitions into kindergarten in a few months.   Thank you LiceCombing.com!”
Kaya B., Mother to Simon, 7 and Maggie, 4
Thank you to LiceCombing.com and Janice Naehu for helping to ease the anxiety of lice! The website is simple and easy to understand and I love that the combing supplies are available for purchase all in one place which saves me time having to shop around for everything. I also love that the instructions are given on the site complimentary but the video is also available for purchase should I need it. Appreciate the options!"
Stacy S.
Janice was a lifesaver! Both myself and my 9 year old daughter had head lice. I was devastated to say the least. When I called her on the phone, she immediately put my mind at ease. She came over to our home and worked on both of us. She showed me in detail step by step how to comb out the hair and what to look for. I was so happy to know that you did not have to use any harsh chemicals to get rid of them. She recommended weekly comb outs to avoid it happening again. If my daughter goes on a sleepover, I comb her out before and right when she gets home. I am so grateful to Janice for her calm demeanor and sensible approach to what seemed to be a hugely daunting task. I can’t thank her enough.!"


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